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Flowers on Wood
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Young or old, new or fearful, we will take you one step at a time into the world of horses to learn how to meet, greet, touch and begin to understand their world and your relationship with them! 

First-Timer Introduction - 3 Hour Session

Horse Hello's

  • Horses communication: Sight, Smell, Hearing, and Touch

  • Why Horses need to Trust Us

  • How to tell a Horse's Mood

  • How to say Hi with a Horse hand-shake. 

Horse Leadership

  • Why Horses want a Leader

  • How Horses Learn

  • How to Lead a horse

  • How to be a Horses Leader

Horse Herd Family

  • Why Horses live in herds

  • How a horse feels safe​

  • What is a "pecking order"

  • Horses remember Family

      & Friends

Horse Care

  • Grooming Head to tail

  • Horse Feet

  • Horse Meals

  • Horse Baths

  • Horse Health

Respectful Horse

  • How to earn a Horse's respect

  • How a Horse gives respect

  • When a Horse is Disrespectful

On Horseback

  • Why horses let us Steer them

  • How it feels to sit bareback

  • Why we use saddles

  • How to saddle a horse

Flowers on Wood

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