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Enjoy being around horses safely with confidence by developing enhanced skills in observation and communication through self awareness and managing horse obedience and self-discipline for standing, waiting moving, and working around them.

Horse-Handling Introductions Levels 1,2,3

Level Advancement Requirement

Safely handling horses involves being able to encourage or correct horse behaviors. To advance through Horse-handling levels 2 and 3 requires alternating sessions in Horse Leadership 1, 2 and 3. Advancing in both Horse-handling and Horse Leadership are mutually dependent skills that must be accomplished in tandem with one another starting with Horse-handling 1 followed by Horse Leadership 1, and onward.

                                                 Level 1 -                                   

Don't Step on Me!

  • Your Personal space

  • Finer points to approach a horse in close quarters.

  • Haltering at the Stall gate

Please Stand Still

  • Required Consistently

  • Tone of Voice

  • Immediate correction 1,2,3,4

  • Petting & Praising

Don't Push me Around!

  • Prevention is the best action

  • Remember to Respect me

  • Aware Direction of Attention 

Move Over

  • Horses Pressure Bubble

  • Respect Your Body Presence

  • Predicting moving parts

  • The KISS Comand

Correction Levels

  • 1- I'm reminding you

  • 2- Your not listening

  • 3- You didn't to it right

  • 4- Rather Rest or Work?

Horse Sense

  • Read 'em like a book

  • Recognize the Signs

  • Is it stubbornness or issues

Lead Distance

  • Standing length (1.5 ft)

  • Move away length (3.0 ft)

  • Sending Length (5.0 ft)

  • Lounging Length  (7.0+ ft)


  • It's You to insist consistency

  • They should try every time

  • Release of Pressure Rewards​​

  • Appreciated the effort

Walk Safely

  • Back away

  • Turn away, Turn Toward

  • Ask once to guide them

                                                 Level 2                                                  

                                                 Level 3                                                  

Flowers on Wood

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