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What is Deep Cover of Texas

For me to answer the question, What is Deep Cover of Texas (DCOT), is interesting and at the same time, complicated…

DCOT isn't the usual cover band. I wanted the overall concept to be bringing musicians together to reach back in time and revive music genres and songs that were at one time popular and enjoyed, but also those songs found on the “B side” of records.  Because I wanted to replay or “cover” these songs it became necessary to “dive deep” into music history to find them. Hence, I came to use the term “deep cover” in the leading part of our name, Deep Cover of Texas.

These older songs are often great songs but now are rarely played. Normally forgotten and lost, these songs can bring back the joy, emotions, sentiment, and memories of times past.  This is the concept and goal for DCOT: to find these songs, learn to play them, and remind people of the memories and feelings roused by hearing these songs again.

To accomplish this DCOT is comprised of five musicians who make up the original group (you can see these five musicians by clicking any "musicians" link in the text or on the site menu). Other musicians and vocalists are invited to fill needed roles in sets of songs.

Together, we play songs from different genres of music, from Old Gospel Hymns, Country Classics, Christmas Carols, Celtic Songs, Folk Music, Jazz, and even music from Video Games!  We also play a small set of original songs written by my wife, Judi.  There isn’t much we won’t attempt to learn and perform!

DCOT in not just a band; it’s a group of experienced musicians who love what they do, and have a great time doing it. We are thankful that God has blessed us with the talent, skill and ability to reach beyond ourselves in the challenge of covering a wide range of music that brings smiles to faces, feet tapping, clapping and raising hands, and singing along to songs that bring back the nostalgic and sentimental times that warms the heart.

With Love, Peace, and Blessings to All,

Steve Lyautey

Founder, Deep Cover of Texas

Deep Cover of Texas © 2009 - 2023  J&S Creative Enterprises 

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