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Make plans for your own personal Horse Introduction Session Today
to experience first-hand the wonderful world of horses! 
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Young and Old alike can enjoy a Horse Introduction even if you are afraid of horses! Watch, learn and progress with hands-on experiences how to meet, greet, touch and lead horses’ step by step…safely.  Learn how horses talk, eat, sleep, live in families, and how we can build life-long relationships with them!

Horse Leadership-Level 1, 2, 3

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Horses will interact with the people who come into their world. They want to find out if they can be the leader.  Learn how to identify horse personalities, use your body language to move and manage a horse, and establish your place in their social “pecking order” as a leader of the herd!

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Have you wondered what it would be like to take a walk with a horse as your friend?  You will learn the ins and outs of ground-handling horses from putting on a halter at the stall gate to standing in the wash rack at the end of the day. Learn the nuances of horse communication and awareness necessary to handle horses safely!

Advance Obstacles and Challenges


Establish Alpha Leadership and manage advance communication and coordination for handling and relating with horses through mastering obstacles and challenges. Build a horses trust in your leadership by learning to guide a horse through challenges to develop a horse's respect and to clearly express, observe and communicate with horses.

Horse Care - Levels 1, 2, 3


Do you want to own a horse, or do you want find out what it's like to take care of one? The daily care of grooming, exercising, feeding and keeping a horse healthy can be mind boggling, time consuming and expensive! Learn from our 30+ years of horse-care experience first hand, hands-on and get it down right!

Ultimate Personal Experience

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The Ultimate Personal Experience is an in-depth customized combination of our Horse Introduction programs based on your learning level and session preferences for a one-time, all day experience, or progressive planned multiple activity sessions to encompass everything you want to learn and experience with horses!

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