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We have Our New Home and We Named It!

103 Iris Drive, White Oak, TX_edited_edited.jpg

Los Pinos Altos
"The Tall Pines"


What We're Up To Now

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Judi's Fine Art

& Creative Works

Discover all of Judi's creativity on her site See her unique fine art drawings, paintings, and sculpting, and even woodworking and stone carvings for sale and by commission. Or enjoy Judi's original poetry and music.


She loves to teach art and how to play the guitar, and is especially passionate about sharing all her interest by encouraging self-discovery and creative expression in anyone who has the desires to learn.


 We are more than a group 

of musicians playing music

In today's world of lost memories and disregarded emotions our group, Deep Cover of Texas, revives the nostalgia of music from our past with songs and artists that are loved but rarely heard and sometimes even forgotten.


Enjoy songs from the 30's to the 90's in genres like gospel, folk, country, and rock-n-roll from artist like Julie London, Frank Sinatra, Waylon Jennings, Elvis, Johnny Cash, John Denver, the Pretenders, Joan Baez, and many others.

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Would you like to get close and personal with a horse ?

Experience our Horse Introductions where you can explore specialized Equine Experience Programs designed for young or old alike in a variety of hands-on safe learning opportunities and activities with horses!


Come and get introduced to our Arabian horses, Chief, and Kheeno, and learn everything you ever wanted to know about horses!

Why we created Judi and

We have a heart-felt passion for sharing our lives with others though our many interests and talents, especially our life-long love of music and all the animals in our lives (consisting of our two Arabian horses and seven house cats! )  With all of our activities we commit all our effort in providing inspirational, educational, safe and rewarding experiences for all who are interested.   Currently, we are focused on three main endeavors: 

- Sharing our Arabian Horses, Chief and Kheeno, for the benefit of others


- Judi's creative expressions in Fine Art, Poetry and Song writing.



- Steve's passion for performing any kind of music 

Let us get to know YOU!

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